Don’t Spring it On me

Spring is nearly here and the anxiety is already starting. I have grown comfortable in my double layer socks and large scarfs that almost cover your whole face. Everything in my closet is dull and ready to hide in a box. I feel like I am coming out of hiding. The past 5 to 6 months these layers have protected me from the efforts it takes to look remotely chic. You are probably thinking, of course you can look chic during the winter. Well do you really want to? You wake up in the morning and look outside and all you see is snow…not really motivating to spend a few extra minutes on your outfit.

Let the mission to find the spring essentials begin! This year I will start by finding the best crop pants. Maybe Bermuda pants…





The wait is finally over and I am loving it!

UntitledOlivier Theyskens has yet again delivered a flawless and elegant collection. I love how he finds character in the simple lines. Olivier never disappoints and he always creates pieces that compliment the female figure but also creates pieces that make you feel edgy without trying to hard.

Top Female Models


I remember that I in the beginning stages of this blog wrote something about “Celebrities are the new supermodels”. Well I have recently discovered that more and more actual models are diving in the world of celebritydom (not a word, I know). More models are actually covering the magazines instead of it being another Kardashian or whats her name, Jennifer Aniston. Or maybe I am just imagining this haha? what do you guys think?

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2013…I am very intrigued!

UntitledThis year Narciso Rodriguez killed it on the runway. I must be honest and reveal that I have not been a major Narciso fan

(I can hear you facepalming) But we all get to our *aha* moments dont we? Well this fall runway really blew me away. I am absolutely In looove with this years blazers especially the two above. But all in all a very cohesive and well put together. I love the color-scheme, the orange mixed with the black and the marine blue, I love that it’s more deep colors than bright and shiny which makes the whole collections look sexy with out it being to much skin.